Actions toward public authorities

  • Public energy policies

>> Assistance to local authorities for creating and following up their Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP)
>> "ISSEO" Charter on high environmental quality building: the Agency is part of the jury (analysis of the energy aspects of new buildings) and helps the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux to update the criteria of the charter.
>> Contribution to the creation and update of public subsidies (from the Urban Community) to promote roof insulation and use of renewable energy (solar hot water panels, wood stoves, heat pumps...)

  • Energy efficiency on public buildings
>> Follow-up of energy and water consumption: the Agency gives monitoring tools to municipalities and helps them to use them
>> Energy advice and technical support on major renovation projects
>> Advice on the energy strategy in public buildings and help in defining an investment plan over several years
  • European Display Campaign
The Display Campaign is a voluntary scheme which encourages local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their buildings. The aim is to raise public awareness, to stimulate behavior change and go towards class A!
The Agency helps cities engaged in the Display campaign by:
1) Conducting an energy audit of the building: maintenance and repair work are then done by the city
2) Organising awareness raising campaigns of the employees of the building (teachers, day care centre organisers, cleaning and maintenance staff...), teachers and organisers can then raise the awareness of children by using educational material.
So far, one city is engaged in the Display Campaign (Vanves) and 2 schools were helped by the Agency.
  • Fuel poverty
In project: working with the social services of local authorities and public housing stakeholders (training sessions of social workers, awareness campaigns on energy savings towards concerned inhabitants...).