Awareness raising actions

  • Organisation of animations and exhibitions
The Agency regularly organises events on its territory to offer inhabitants the opportunity of increasing their practical knowledge on all energy issues. The Agency is presently working on the edition of a global agenda that would offer a great variety of animations.
  • Awareness raising tools
>> Energy consumptions control tool kits : composed of monitoring tools (wattmeter, water flowmeter...) and an explication leaflet, they can be lent to  inhabitants.
>> Game on good behaviour to save energy at home for kids: the aim is to find the mistakes (on energy and water consumption: a water tap that is open while a person is brushing his teeth, lights switched on when not needed...) played by a family in its house. Promotional goodies are provided as rewards.
>> Illustrated exhibition about energy savings objects/gadgets at home: 4 panels to explain how to save energy and water with simple actions and low-cost energy savings material.
>> Technical leaflets on energy saving equipment and processes, exemplary renovation or construction projects.